HBA Charitable Foundation

The HBA of Greater Cincinnati’s Charitable Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization established in 1990 to support and promote housing-related activities and scholarships and to fill other housing needs in the Greater Cincinnati area. This “giving arm” of the HBA of Greater Cincinnati is managed by a board of trustees who consider funding for specific causes in the region.

The Foundation, in cooperation with the HBA Associates Council, also provides contributions to HBA family members in need during the holiday season.
All outside charitable and philanthropic contributions are limited to those directed and approved by the HBA Charitable Foundation. All decisions by HBA councils and committees to participate in a fundraiser, not necessarily requiring funding from the Charitable Foundation, but requiring other direct or indirect HBA resources, including sponsorships, promotions, volunteer and/or staff time, must be preapproved by the Charitable Foundation Board of Trustees, with the exception of Build-PAC contributions and Ohio Valley Development Council program affiliations or sponsorships.

All charitable and philanthropic requests and involvements should demonstrate a direct housing-related impact. All requests for direct or in-kind support from the HBA Charitable Foundation must be submitted on the prescribed application form.

For more information on the Foundation or to request funding, contact Dan Dressman at lbrand@cincybuilders.com or call 513-589-3206.

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