Be part of the 20/20 Vision Initiative!

Based on the overwhelming response to the initiative at this early stage, it is abundantly clear that we understand how critical the labor shortage is and how important it is that it be addressed. However, what you may be wondering how exactly will the vision be put into action? To cut to the chase — how are the 20/20 Vision funds raised actually going to be used to solve this problem? In short, we see the vision being implemented through grassroots outreach and direct engagement. We have already identified 3 specific ways to put the "Vision in Action":

1. Scholarships

Establish a program that awards multiple scholarships to individuals seeking to enter the construction industry to offset training and certification costs. All applicants? Information will be shared out to our membership. HBA member companies can potentially connect them with a job or apprentice placement.

2. Participate in Career Fairs

Design and create a mobile, highly visual educational display communicating the value, benefits and range of career opportunities in the construction trades to be utilized in career days across local high schools. Informative and well-designed educational literature and digital materials will also be developed to support this outreach effort.

HBA members will have the opportunity to sign up to man this booth at local career fairs. While they receive first contact and exposure to potential job candidates, they will also have the responsibility to share with HBA membership companies the individual contacts and candidate resumes they obtain.

3. One on One

HBA20/20 Vision Initiative will provide a donation to targeted schools. In exchange, we would gain access to their auditorium to hold an informational session where HBAmemberscan directly speaks with students. This would give HBAmembersan opportunity to share their path in the industry, with the goal of inspiring students to explore a career in the industry and connecting HBA members with potential future employees.

All of these tactics focus on local outreach efforts that bring HBAmembersinto direct engagement with potential future employees. The benefits are twofold — educating local youth about the merits, value and financial stability that an industry job can provide and also connecting members with students interested in exploring those opportunities. In addition, the membership-at-large will have access to an invaluable database of individuals interested in careers in the industry.

I hope you will join me in spreading the word to put the "Vision in Action"! If these tactics inspire any other way to implement the 20/20 Vision Initiative, please do not hesitate to reach out. You can still make your investment in the 20/20 Vision Initiative by clicking below. All contributions are tax-deductible.

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