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Next Generation Council

Our Mission:

To engage and connect the HBA’s next generation of industry influencers and emerging leaders by providing unique professional development opportunities and industry exposure, as well as a welcoming and fun environment for cultivating relationships with industry peers.

So, what does that mean when you break it down? Pretty simple…


We’re all about making meaningful connections that will last. Our industry is a small community with some of the best people and businesses in the city. We want to get to know as many of them as possible. #Engage

Professional Development:

We believe continual learning and curiosity leads to innovative ideas and creative solutions. We strive to provide meaningful professional development opportunities to help us grow as emerging leaders and industry influencers. #Grow

Have Fun:

We merge work and play! It’s that simple. We feel it’s easier to get to know each other when you’re having a good time. #Cheers


Our mission is to welcome newer members with open arms at HBA events by reaching out to them rather than vice versa. #Welcome


Our industry is evolving quicker than any of us can keep up. How can we, as the next generation, do our part to positively influence what the residential building industry becomes? #Impact

These goals might sound a bit lofty, but we like to think big. Why don’t you join us? Let’s get to know each other a little bit better to understand what makes us tick. Why not start now? #Team

The NGC is an initiative created by, and for, the next generation of HBA members.

For more information on the Next Generation Committee, please contact Molly Bastin at (513) 851-6300 or at